After we finish the virtual staging process, we will provide you a link to a digital download of all the finished images. Having a property that looks inviting can bring in more potential buyers.

Photo retouching services, Separate Color, Parts, Object in Photos

Our creative experts will virtually set up your photo such that you love it. Our well-arranged images have contributed to transactions totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Photo retouching services, Separate Color, Parts, Object in Photos

Please send us some images of the spaces you'd want us to virtually stage, and either specify the aesthetic you have in mind or give us free rein to come up with something fantastic on our own. We've been in the home decorating and staging business for quite some time.

Best real estate photo editing services

Homes that have been staged sell for more.
Statistics show that staged homes sell faster than unstaged properties. You or your clients can save thousands of dollars by using virtual staging instead of physically setting up the unit.

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The Premier Source for Multi-Clipping Path Services for Your Images, Imagedbox, product image retouch
The Premier Source for Imagedbox's Multi-Clipping Path Services for Your Images
The Premier Source for Multi-Clipping Path Services for Your Images

Virtual Staging Services

Using our virtual staging services, change your empty and unsuitable furniture homes or offices into beautiful, eye-catching places for as little as $18 per image.

At ImageDbox, we understand the importance of a house sale in the real estate industry. It’s common for an excellent transaction to fall through because the consumer wants to know how the facility will look after it’s finished. In this case, the real estate business might benefit from “virtual staging,” which gives digitally furnished units a virtual feel.

ImageDbox is one of the leading companies that provide virtual staging services

ImageDbox is a leading supplier of virtual staging services based in India. Equipped with the required infrastructure, talents, and assets to meet any virtual staging requirements, ImageDbox is a preferred partner in the best virtual staging services industry. We use cutting-edge technology for rendering in three dimensions to show a property’s actual, realistic aspects in a commercially feasible way.

Outsource virtual staging services to ImageDbox

ImageDbox has been a pioneer in giving quality virtual staging services in India and plenty of other compositional designing services worldwide. Our virtual staging services company has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the virtual staging industry, so we can quickly satisfy all of your needs. We employ cutting-edge technology and innovations to provide high-quality services on time.
Is it true that you are looking for a reliable and skilled company that provides outsourcing virtual staging services? If that’s the case, your quest will end right now. Contact us right now!

What Is the Difference Between Physical and Virtual Staging?

Homes that have been staged are usually closer to the action and sell for a higher price. May delay the listing process due to the high cost, time commitment, and inconvenience of both physical and virtual stagings. Our virtual home furniture staging services not only help you highlight the best features of your home, but we also help you highlight other aspects of the property. Both for rent and sale and with a range of aesthetic options

Furthermore, virtual staging is less complicated and costly than physical staging. For more information on our pricing, please see this link.


Give your photo editing chance to us!

Welcome to our gateway for orders!

At ImageDbox, our mission is to assist you better visualizing your space through the force of 3D, increased virtual reality, and blended reality. We realize that purchasing a house is a significant choice. Seeing a home in its best light substantially affects both the real estate proficient and the purchaser.

For home furnishings retailers, giving customers the critical capacity to “attempt before you purchase” with the agility of shopping on the web is the reason we’re turning out to be a fundamental piece of our accomplices’ substance and e-commerce strategy.
We’re shaking up how these businesses make and highlight their best resources with solutions that tailor your plan, quality, and cost needs.

We accept this portal is relatively straightforward; however, kindly don’t stop for a second to contact us with any inquiries or comments. We’re looking forward to creating excellent plans for you!

A part of the critical virtual staging services we offer incorporate –

Furniture Replacement Services

virtual home staging services

A portion of the images taken of your current property can have undesirable or no furniture, which may give it an ugly look. Our team of designers can assist you with furniture evacuation/replacement services in a quick time frame. Our services can help you transform your images into an alluring and eye-getting photo.

Home Remodeling Services

outsource virtual staging services

We have the necessary abilities and expertise to give high-quality remodeling of your current homes or properties. Our services can help you exhibit the best potential of your home to your prospective customers and propel them to purchase.

Virtual Staging Restyling Services

Imagedbox best virtual staging services provider in india

Restyling your property can be the ideal approach to help the stylish feel of your property. Our team of architectural designers can furnish you with the best quality restyling services at a speedy turnaround time. In addition, our services assist customers with showing their properties in an ideal way.

Color-shading Change Services

virtual staging services company

The old property pictures may have colors that are old and in a broken downstate. Our team of designers can assist you with specific and general color-shading change services to give your old images an alluring and sleek look.

Envisioning Services

virtual home furniture staging services

Envisioning is a strategy that can make virtual homes or workplaces made even before the construction is completed. Our design architects can use the force of the most recent tools and convey top-quality envisioning services. That can display to your customers even before the development starts.

Virtual Twilight Services

best fastest virtual staging service real estate

Images with virtual dusk seem staggering and appealing while at the same time displaying it to your customers. Our team can assist you with enhancing your photos with virtual sunset and changing over your old images into appealing new pictures within a brief time frame.

Best virtual staging services in india

Advantages Of Virtual Real Estate Staging Services

ImageDbox has been a pioneer in giving top-quality virtual staging services to worldwide customers for more than ten years. We see every customer’s one-of-a-kind requirements and furnish them with services that suit their business necessities. A portion of the critical virtual staging services we offer incorporate –

Show Cohesive Designs

At ImageDbox, Virtual staging, exertion, time, and income are saving because we can imagine real estate property precisely in how it has been arranged.

Render Realistic Housing Interiors

To discover imminent purchasers and guarantee profitable real estate bargains, displaying images of houses with furnished interiors is essential, which ImageDbox handles.

Give Photorealistic-Quality Images

Our virtual home staging service simplifies it, depicts real estate images appealingly to possibilities, and yields positive outcomes for the two vendors and purchasers.

Assist purchasers with envisioning their own decision

Real estate vendors can essentially communicate their needs. Of course, we will want to furnish the property using custom furnishings and adornment accessible to us.

Characterize Accurate Sizing and Placements

Our editing specialists can change a primary photo of an unfilled room into a completely furnished home for forthcoming customers with legitimate characterized points, lighting, shapes, surfaces, tones, extents, and arrangements.

Leverage Latest 3D Rendering Technologies

ImageDbox utilizes the most recent 3D delivering advancements to provide realistic property components adequately. For example, we have our list of furniture that customers can browse.


Why Choose IDB for Virtual Real Estate Staging Services?

Outsourcing virtual staging services to us can give you access to a progression of advantages that you can exploit. A portion of the significant reasons you picked us as your virtual staging service providing company is recorded here.

Moderate Pricing Options

We give our customers exceptionally adaptable and savvy valuing alternatives which will suit your business necessities and financial plan consummately.

Quick Delivery

Our adaptable model empowers us to convey your undertakings quickly. Our overall turnaround time is 12 hours to 18 hours. We can likewise give for the time being turnaround whenever required.

Customized services

At ImageDbox, our CAD experts can adorn any real estate photograph by adding goods and other components to it, according to the customer's inclinations.

Sell Property Faster

Virtual-staged homes sell quicker and for a higher worth than empty real estate, which takes longer. Most vendors face trouble picturing an unfilled home's capability, and now, with our virtual home staging services, it is simplified!

Stage a Home Virtually

ImageDbox offers home staging services to arrange a home virtually. Our editing specialists can make the home look completely outfitted and engaging using progressed 3D delivering innovation from a primary photo of a vacant room.

Better Visualization

When virtual staging services are outsourced, there isn't simply saving money on exertion, time, and income. However, it can be a picture of the real estate property precisely how it has been arranged.

Best Infrastructure

We have confidence in having the best foundation while conveying quality services to our customers. We approach the most recent virtual staging tools and software and global standard office spaces.


Virtual Real Estate Staging Services help portray photographs in real estate that are attractive to the opportunities offered and provide favorable results for both dealers and buyers.

Information Security

Being an ISO confirmed firm, you can have confidence that all the information and images imparted to us will remain careful in secure areas.

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