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ImageDbox has a great team of well-trained, dedicated, and trustworthy experts. We have over ten years of experience in the field of outsourced photo retouching services, which allows us to better fit into this industry.

Creative And Innovative Video editing services

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ImageDbox (IDB) has over ten years of involvement with the video editing space, serving worldwide photographic professionals, advertisement agencies, photograph studios, corporates, and that’s just the beginning. At IDB, we have the assets and abilities to develop and change all sorts of raw footage into proficient videos within a brief time frame.

Suppose you have a lot of video footage in any format AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc. Expect help to combine scenes, improve the footage, remove unwanted elements, sequence shots, and more can help you.

We add music/sound, text/features, captions, voice-overs, enhancements, creative shifting, activities. And advances enhance your current video footage and cause it to seem proficient.

Product Video Editing

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Give your video editing chance to us!

ImageDbox's Video Editing Services

Fulfilling cinematic experiences via our real estate video editing service.

Imagedbox offers a wide variety of services to real estate videographers who are searching for scalable and reliable assistance with video editing. These services let each clip live up to its highest potential. We celebrate even the tiniest of features as a way to honor the stories that lie behind every property.


For What Reason Should You Create A Video?

We can say thousands of reasons, yet here's the one that eventually matters!

The ability to focus dissolves quicker than the icy ice. Half of the individuals currently favor watching videos instead of looking through a drawn-out article. Not creating videos can, at last, negatively affect your promoting and brand endeavors. Outsource video editing services to Imagedbox, and dispatch effective video content that produces solid outcomes in online perspectives, snaps, and TV viewership. At IDB, we offer a range of video services.


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Why Choose Our Video Editing Services?

We feel a wedding video should catch the event’s excitement and happiness, love, and romance. By collaborating with ImageDbox, you gain a partner who knows your needs and offers assistance depending on your essentials. We hold fast to every one of the rules referenced in the A service-level agreement (SLA) and guarantee that the outcomes match your assumptions. We likewise keep up an open conversation with our customers throughout an undertaking to keep them refreshed about our progress.

Wedding Video Editing Services

Our video editing team can assist whether you're a wedding videographer looking for a video editor or a couple looking for someone to edit or re-edit your wedding footage. If you have long stretches of footage on whatever device, still, whether it's an old video, we can make an enduring memory of the day that you will consistently cherish.

Family Video Editing

Choose video editing on the web from us, and we'll transform your family memories into a treasured video that you'll simply very much want to love and share. We could sort it out if recording on an expert camera or a phone. We add music, titles, and advances to make your friends and family the ideal present. If it is a Whether dedicating or an unexpected birthday celebration – we have it covered.

Corporate Video Editing

Video is an incredible asset for your business. You should make an energizing conference story, a preparation program or instructional exercise, a limited-time video, or even essentially rebrand a current video. Whatever your corporate necessities, our video editing services have the answer for you.

Vacation Video Editing Service

Fortune your movement recalls by using us for your vacation footage. Regardless of whether it's long times of fun on the seashore or every one of the sights you've seen, we'll take your footage and make a fantastic video.

Photo to Video Editing

Send every one of your photos to the group at ImageDbox, and let us modify them into a fantastic video with titles, impacts, animations, and music. We'll take the necessary steps to make a video that you love.

GoPro Video Editing

The GoPro video provides a permanent memory if you are down the paths or leaping from an aircraft. You can import your videos with our video editing services and edit a video that lets you live the adventure over and over again!

Drone Video Editing

We love drone footage here at ImageDbox because it tends to be converting into an incredibly great video! Send us your footage, and we'll work on your brief to make a fantastic video.


Video Editing Services Process Flow

ImageDbox's video editors are gifted, able, and imaginative. They work as per predefined rules, have at least two years of experience, and have been picked depending on their expert knowledge. We can use the most recent video editing equipment and follow a cycle stream that incorporates the accompanying advances

Background Noise Removal

Most video footage is extensive and loaded up with flimsy pictures, background noises, and other undesirable elements. At IDB, we reject unwanted elements to compose unique, proficient videos.

Video Color Corrections

We correct excess/more minor hues, colors, contrast, color coast, color temperature, white balance, and brightness to fix dull videos. The video is often a full clip. Some areas appear flat, and it affects the overall quality of the film

Decluttering Footage

Videographers once in a while capture areas that don't grandstand the correctly or remember extra minutes for the video that adds practically no worth. Our editors capably reduce additional minutes, muted shots, or unwanted footage.

Defective Pixel Correction

If the camera used to capture the video has defective pixels, it thwarts the video quality. At IDB, our video editors right such imperfections and give immaculate, excellent videos in high goal.

Special Effects

We're here to help you, whether you're looking to create or improve your videos. Our video editors add visual effects, motions, music, and sound to the videos to help you to create splendid viewers.

Shot Sequencing

Our qualified video editors sequence shot that is correctly sequenced in the buyer's raw footage videos to produce amazing property videos that play easily

Stabilizing Drone Footage

We Stabilizing shaky drone video footage to ensure correct and precise, stable high-goal videos.

Background Score

We are skillful at the most recent video creation software and upgrade videos with background scores or lower thirds at IDB.

Review and Vidoe Edits

The customer inspects the first draft, and the changes are finishing. The final output is sending for approval.

Statement of Work

Video editing necessities checked with IDB's Video Editing Marketing Managers and Scope of Work finished including cost, timeframes, resources, etc.

Review and Vidoe Edits

The customer inspects the first draft, and the changes are finishing. The final output is sending for approval.


Customer approval got and last plans transferred to the customer through the File Transfer Protocol or Dropbox.


Give your video editing chance to us!

Advantages of Outsourcing Video Editing Services

Why collaborating with ImageDbox?

ImageDbox offers numerous benefits to its worldwide customers, including tender-to-detail care, the obligation to predominant quality, reasonable expenses, and substantially more. We take a stab at greatness in each task embraced. The advantages of banding together with IDB incorporate

Quality Processes

ImageDbox clings to strict ISO quality norms, ensuring quality expectations for each task inside the venture rules and periods.

Tweaked Pricing

We adjust our estimating to fit the extent of the project and an effective financial plan with choices for hourly rates, per project rates, and FTE (full-time same) rates. Please find out about our video editing rates.

Short Deadlines

Our timelines of events are stringently base on project complexity. The cutoff time may fluctuate contingent upon the quality and length of the footage given by the customer. We work to ensure the completed item is conveyed well inside the planned conveyance time.

Quality Checks

We perform quality checks at each stage of the video editing cooperation to ensure rules are met and work with the customer to review and keep up the needs by fulfilling a venture.

Excellent Data Security

Data security is an essential worry for IDB. We use Virtual Private Network (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to support.


Professional Quality Delivered!

We are going together for a long-term collaboration with our customers.

Our call place team can sensibly answer calls or messages and resolve your inquiries/demands right away. You can associate with them through your preferred communication channel from any place and whenever.

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